The Mystical Journey of Two Finns: A Boy’s Bedtime Stories Enchant a Shelter Cat

The Surprising Power of Bedtime Stories for Cats

Have you ever thought that bedtime stories were exclusively for children? Think again. It appears that our feline friends also love a good tale. This surprising insight comes courtesy of a unique program at the Animal Humane Society in Minnesota.


We spoke with Rachael, the Humane Education Manager at the society, to get the scoop on this innovative initiative.

The Rescue Readers Program: A Haven for Animal Lovers

The Animal Humane Society has introduced a heartwarming one-hour program known as “Rescue Readers.” In this initiative, volunteers get the unique opportunity to read stories to animals awaiting adoption. According to Rachael, this reading exercise is not just a pastime—it’s an instrument of positive change.

“Rescue Readers offer more than just stories; they offer social interaction that helps our animals develop essential skills. This also promotes physical well-being by calming the animals,” Rachael shares. She also highlights the benefits for the human readers. “Animals make for a judgment-free audience. Whether you are a parent, a child aged 4 and up, or just someone who loves animals, becoming a Rescue Reader is a win-win opportunity.”

A Tale of Two Finns: When Reading Created an Unforgettable Bond

Let’s talk about Finn, a young volunteer who participated in the Rescue Readers program. During his visit, he encountered a tabby cat, also named Finn, who was available for adoption.

This friendly feline was more than receptive to human interaction, making their meeting serendipitous.

As young Finn delved into his favorite dinosaur book, cat Finn snuggled up and purred with delight. It was a heartwarming scene that melted the hearts of everyone present. Rachael notes that reading to animals like Finn the cat has a calming effect on them. Furthermore, readers benefit by improving their literacy skills while giving these animals the love they deserve.

After their reading rendezvous, cat Finn seemed to crave more cuddles from young Finn. The happy epilogue to this tale? The charming tabby was adopted only two days after setting paw in the adoption center! “Animals finding their forever homes is always a joyous occasion, and Rescue Readers definitely contribute to making that happen,” Rachael concludes.

Indeed, sometimes all it takes is the sharing of a story to make a world of difference—even if the furry listener doesn’t grasp every single word.