The Power of the Internet – Trolls Destroy a Woman for Blasting a Store’s Cat

People can be so cruel sometimes, especially to animals. It’s one thing to not want a pet, and another to blast people off for having one. That’s what one woman did in a bodega in NY, and the Internet cat army fired the same rounds.

Many bodegas in New York keep strays as pets, leaving them to wander the store. They feed them and keep them warm in the winter, and they’re also a great marketing tactic. However, one woman allergic to cats didn’t like the idea. She gave the bodega the lowest review online, but she couldn’t even imagine what would happen next.

As soon as her comment on S.K. Deli Market’s profile page went live, she was attacked by an army of trolls. The best responses were shared on Twitter, and the woman probably learned her lesson. If she didn’t and she does the same again, it’ll be a very big mistake.