The Unstoppable Zeke: A Miracle Kitty’s Life-Changing Adoption Story

Zeke, a kitten born with hydrocephalus (commonly known as ‘water on the brain’), faced a challenging future due to his rare condition and twisted legs. With slim chances of finding a loving family, a compassionate woman from across the country decided to give this special kitty a second chance at life.

Feline Friend

A Rare Condition and a Difficult Start

Hydrocephalus is a rare condition in cats where cerebrospinal fluid accumulates within the brain, causing increased pressure inside the skull. As a result, Zeke looked different from other cats, making it challenging for him to find a forever home. But in July 2015, Lisa Jones from the Super Heros Animal Hydrocephalus Society heard about Zeke and decided to adopt him.

weird eye kitten

A New Beginning and a Feline Friend

Lisa arranged for Zeke to fly from Texas to New York, where he began his new life. Despite his skeletal disorders and twisted legs, Zeke quickly adjusted to his new home. He even found a best friend in Super Hero, another cat with hydrocephalus living with Lisa. Together, they formed a heartwarming bond.

cute kitten

Living a Happy Life

Zeke’s twisted legs didn’t stop him from enjoying life. He adapted by walking on his elbow or hopping like a tiny kangaroo. Zeke’s playful spirit and adorable antics, such as treating his litter box as a sandbox, brought joy to his new family. His adoptive mom embraced his unique quirks, ensuring he always had a clean and comfortable environment.

kitten with mom cat

Now grown up and thriving, Zeke’s story reminds us of the importance of giving special needs cats a chance to find their forever loving homes. His journey is a testament to the power of compassion and the enduring bonds that can form between animals and their human caregivers.

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