These Cat-Shaped Sandals Look Adorable

Leave it to the Japanese to create unique products. Ocean creatures disguised as tea bags and lifelike reproductions of pets as keychains are just some of the products you can find on the Japanese market. However, we couldn’t even imagine that someone would create cat-shaped flip-flops.

Nyara Geta is a Japanese company that has recently introduced a line of unique sandals on the market. The name, Nyara Geta, is word play. It’s a mix of three words: Nya, which is meow in Japanese; Nara – which stands for the city where the flip-flops are made, and Geta, traditional Japanese footwear.

The company’s new product is a rather modern twist on flip-flops which are highly popular in Japan. The closest we could describe them is a mix of flip-flops and clogs. Made from EVA (a soft material) instead of wood, these sandals are definitely comfortable for the summer. They’re not pricey either – a pair costs around $35.

Nyara Geta has released 9 different designs along with a summer kimono for a more complete look.

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