This Cat Isn’t Super-Sad – it Just Looks Like That Because of Unique Facial Markings

The Internet is never fed up of cats with unique faces. Grumpy Cat is a true legend, and since his passing, many have tried taking the torch. We finally have a worthy contender in a feline from China who we can’t help but feel sad about. Not because his story is sad, but because he looks super-sad.

Internet, Meet Moggie

Moggie is a cat from China whose recent pics went viral online. The first person to spot the cat was a university student known on the web as Simpson Xin. He wasted no time getting his phone out to picture the cat. The super-sad kitty lives on the streets of Shanghai and managed to collect over 2 million views on Douyin – China’s TikTok version.

The cat looked super-sad and instantly won the hearts of all the Internet. The unfortunate placement of the black spots above his eyes is the reason why Moggie looks so sad. Since the video went viral, Simpson Xin goes back to the spot where he met Moggie and feeds him every day. Many people online have asked her to adopt the cat, but she already has a cat in a small apartment.

Here’s hoping that someone from Shanghai adopts Moggie. It may put a smile on his face.