This Disabled Kitten Wants To Run With His Mom

Not long ago, residents from a nearby building heard faint meows and decided to investigate if a kitten needed help. However, its momma was not exactly fond of strangers, so they decided to set up cameras and see where they go. When the tape started rolling, the residents were shocked to learn that the cat had a paralyzed kitten!

The ginger cutie lost the ability to move his back legs although he never stopped trying to follow his mom around. His momma decided that that’s the best spot for her disabled kitty and wouldn’t let anyone near it.

Now it was time for a rescue party. The people eventually located the kitten and managed to put it in a carrier. Not a few hours later, a vet was examining it – the poor soul had his 5th vertebrae pushing on his spinal nerves which caused the disability. The nerves were very damaged, so there was no way to “fix” his back legs with surgery.

Even though disabled, the kitten is just like any other cat. After a few weeks in a shelter, a kind woman who already has 5 cats took him in. One of the cats was disabled as well, so she knew exactly what she was getting into. After a few days of adaptation, the kitten is now living a normal life filled with love and affection. This story could have gotten dark pretty soon, but thanks to the woman, it had a happy end.