This Kitten Bagel is a Late Bloomer Seeking a Warm Home and a Loving Owner

Take a look at this tiny cutie. She was named bagel when he was brought in California’s Kitten Rescue Life center due to her tiny size. Bagel was just five days old when that happened, and was already way behind schedule in terms of development. She needed constant care and support. Due to the developmental delay, the kitten first opened its eyes in three weeks, a week later than the expected.

Plus, even while eating properly, the kitten remained as tiny as a bagel. At six weeks, Bagel was half the size of a kitten its age. Vets waited until it grew enough for a thyroid system test. It revealed a few symptoms of hydrocephalus, and the vets put the poor tiny kitten on antibiotics and steroids.

Despite the size and struggles, Bagel doesn’t let that affect her. He’s a ball of energy that runs around all day long and loves wrestling with other kittens. Sometimes, she gets a bit rough, which is amazing for a kitten her size.

After a few months, Bagel’s developmental delays were a thing of the past. Not three months old, she’s growing fast and is healthy and stable. There are no thyroid issues at all – she was just a bit slow. Now the kitten is lively and energetic, and well on its way of finding a new loving home!