This Kitten Gets Constantly Rejected Because She’s Different, But She’s the Kindest Soul

The kitten on the pictures below is called Zara and she’s got one of the saddest life stories we’ve heard. As you can see, she’s disfigured. Zara was taken to the Fix’Em West Virginia clinic when she was a couple of months old for spay surgery. However, when she got there, the vet noticed she was breathing somewhat difficult, so he sent her to a specialist first.

It turned out that the poor soul was born with an asymmetrical brain. Some organs on the left part of her head didn’t develop properly, and she needed immediate surgery. After getting in touch with the Bitty Kitty Committee—a local Charleston cat rescue group—they realized that the cat was in bad shape because her owner couldn’t care properly for her. They didn’t even want to take her in for rehab after the surgery, because she wouldn’t be the same. The good news is that the rescue center was delighted to take Zara in and help her recover.

After a detailed vet exam, it was discovered that the kitty has no left nasal passage and no way to create one surgically. She had eyesight on the right eye and could breathe freely on that side. Her left eye didn’t develop, but her asymmetrical brain was protected and in no need of surgery.

According to experts, her condition was congenital. No matter her looks, Zara was just like any other kitty. She was calm, loved pets and hugs, and is pretty friendly with other cats and humans. Even better, she never complained about the post-surgery meds. Now in a foster home, it’s clear that she’s a great cat and in need of a loving home. She was rejected for a few times, but everyone’s hoping that a kind family will appear.

Zara deserves it and is clear proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover.