This Viral Video Of A Kitty Finding A New Home Has Brought Smiles On The Faces Of Millions!

Kaya is a stray kitten who was recently saved by a kind man from the street. Since then, the man and Kaya have become inseparable, and their videos have warmed the hearts and brought a simple on the faces of millions of people around the globe! And who can argue it – Kaya is a lovely kitty full of life who never misses the chance of playing with her human!

Take a look at those eyes – isn’t she beautiful? The videos have become pretty popular online in recent weeks and considering Kaya’s looks, it’s no wonder.

It seems like the man and Kaya are just meant to be with each other. The kitten surely needed someone who it can trust and a warm home and she was lucky he found her. Now, Kaya makes sure her human is stress free and is always there to pick him up after a hard day at work.

It looks like the two are soulmates and we couldn’t be happier about it. Here’s a cute picture of Kaya:

Before she was picked up from the street, the kitten had it rough. She had to fight for food and shelter and the chances of Kaya surviving on the street on herself were pretty slim. Luckily, she was taken to a new home and she’s surely making the most of her fresh start at life.