Transforming a Home into a Paradise for Rescue Cats

The Journey Begins: An Unexpected Love for Felines

Peter Cohen, a professional home builder, turned his California home into a haven for his 15 rescue cats. His property initially had two outdoor cats. Tragically, one cat passed away while the other sustained severe injuries from road accidents. This unfortunate incident prompted Peter and his family to adopt more cats from a local shelter, aiming to provide companionship to their injured feline.

garden with house

The Path of Rescue: Adopting Unwanted Cats

Their adoption journey didn’t stop there. The Cohen family continued to open their hearts and home to more felines in need. Each of their adopted cats had a heartbreaking past — these were cats that others overlooked, many of them being black or with physical abnormalities like bent tails.

green yellow indoor house

A Home Built for Cats: Catwalks and More

Peter invested a whopping sum between $40,000 to $50,000 in creating catwalks alone. These catwalks, teeming with colors and unique shapes, serve a dual purpose. Not only do they offer the cats an array of exploration opportunities, but they also satisfy Peter’s architectural interest. In his words, “Our house was built for us AND our cats.”

cat slideindoor house made for cats

The Ultimate Cat Playland: Where Cats Roam and Play

Ultimately, the entire house transformed into an indoor Cat Playland, filled with tunnels, platforms, and perches. It isn’t just a sanctuary for cats; it’s a place where these felines truly live their best lives. For a glimpse into this incredible feline adventure land, watch the video below!