Traveling the World Through Catsitting: One Woman’s Ingenious Strategy

Madolline Gourley has a unique way to travel. She’s 31 and from Brisbane, Australia. Her secret? Catsitting.

She’s been to many places in Australia and the US. All by looking after cats. How? She uses TrustedHouseSitters. This site connects her with cat owners. They need someone to care for their pets. In return, she stays for free.

white cat from instagram

So far, she’s saved A$28,000 (£16,050). That’s a lot on hotel bills! But it’s not just about the savings. Madolline loves her journey. She even has a blog. It’s called “One Cat at a Time”. Here, she writes about her trips. She posts cute cat photos. And she gives travel advice.

Her biggest trip was 75 days long. It was in the US. She says, “I cared for 15 cats in seven cities”. Cities like New York, Seattle, and Austin. Next, she’s planning to visit Canada. She hopes to catsit in Toronto and Quebec.

madolline instagram Cat

But what about flight costs? Catsitting saves on hotels, not flights. Madolline has a solution. She works a 9-5 job in Brisbane. It helps pay for her flights. Every payday, she’s closer to her next trip.

Also, meet Jen from TikTok. Her username is @SmartyPantsFinance. She has a different travel hack. It’s called ‘mystery shopping’. She stays in hotels and reviews them. After that, she looks for airline jobs. It’s her way to travel for less.