Two-Year-Old Feline Earns ‘National Cat of the Year’ for Guarding Deaf Guardian

Zebby: The Life-Changing Assistance Cat

In the world of assistance animals, we often encounter heartwarming stories, but Zebby’s tale stands out as truly remarkable. Not just a feline companion, Zebby is an assistant cat who has made a significant difference in his owner’s life, especially due to her hearing challenges.

This inspiring story not only sheds light on the incredible bond between humans and cats but also underscores the versatility of feline companions in offering assistance.

Zebby’s Journey to Recognition

Among thousands of contenders, Zebby was honored with the prestigious National Cat of the Year award by Cats Protection in the UK. This accolade celebrates cats that have made a special impact. Before achieving this national recognition, Zebby triumphed in the Family Fur-ever category, proving that his contributions to his owner’s life were far from ordinary.

Genevieve and Zebby: A Unique Bond

Genevieve Moss, a 66-year-old who lives alone, finds Zebby’s presence in her life invaluable. Without her hearing aid, Genevieve is deaf, making nights particularly challenging. However, Zebby steps in as her guardian. Whether it’s alerting her to the ringing phone or the activation of a security light, Zebby’s attentiveness ensures Genevieve’s safety. This extraordinary cat even assists with daily tasks like fetching mail and slippers.

Genevieve affectionately describes Zebby as her “night watchman, postman, and guardian.” This devoted cat’s actions range from gently tapping Genevieve’s face to wake her up to safeguarding the front door, ensuring her well-being at all times.

The Impact of a Special Feline

Genevieve’s words, spoken with profound gratitude to Cats Protection, highlight Zebby’s exceptional role: “I am so proud of Zebby for showing the world how intuitive and caring cats can be, and what a positive effect they can have on people’s lives.” She emphasizes how Zebby transformed her life from fear to security, particularly at night. Zebby’s presence has gifted her the tranquility and assurance to sleep peacefully, a change that has been life-altering for Genevieve.

In recognition of his remarkable contributions, Zebby not only received a trophy but also a voucher from a pet store, a small token for a cat who has offered so much more than companionship – a sense of safety, comfort, and an unbreakable bond.

Zebby’s story is a testament to the extraordinary capabilities of cats in providing assistance and companionship, making a profound difference in the lives of their owners. His story serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the incredible bond shared between humans and their feline friends.