Unusual Sweet-Face Kitten Gets a Second Lease on Life

The world we live in is not very fond or kind to animals born with deformations. Society tends to reject them, and so do their parents. Many of these kittens are often left for dead, with no one interested in raising them. That’s not the story we have for you today. This one is a story about a second chance a woman gave to Muppet the kitten.

A Slew of Deformities

Muppet was born with various deformities. The most obvious one was his face. The poor kitty was born with a cleft lip and palate as well as hydrocephalus. He was obviously in need of special care – if one woman didn’t help him, Muppet wouldn’t be alive today.

A woman named Audrey from the Murphy’s Safe Haven in Edinburg, Texas, saw the plea for help online. As she explains, it’s rare to see a plea for help for such a kitten – they are usually left for dead. However, if given the chance, they can live long and healthy lives. She immediately sent a volunteer to pick Muppet up, and head his strong meow over the phone. It was at that point that Audrey knew she made the right choice.

Hours later, the kitten was already making a strong impression. He needed to be fed through a tube every two hours due to his cleft palate. Muppet was put in a cozy incubator which gave his lungs the support he required.

A True Fighter

The kitten might be tiny, but he’s got a fighter’s spirit. Muppet has jumped all obstacles so far and continues to get stronger. While he doesn’t have eyes, his instinct is unmatched. His foster family celebrates every new milestone, and with their help, we’re sure he’ll grow up a healthy cat.