We Labels Cats as Cold, But Seen Through the Eyes of Science, They Have Various Personalities

Cats are cold, heartless, and want to kill you – at least that’s what the general population thinks. That’s the misconception going on among people, but seen through the eyes of science, they have various personalities, just like us. As a matter of fact, one study showed that they have 16, so they’re not as senseless as we think.

Cats react and show love in different ways depending on their character. Without further ado, here are the major cat personality types that were only recently discovered.

Hunter Cat

This one’s pretty obvious. Hunter cats are those fluffs that constantly bring you half-dead rodents or birds and they love begin outdoor. These cats are adventurous and love playing with toys at home – it keeps their hunting skills sharp. Hunter cats are independent and are a great fit for busy owners. Leave them alone for the full day and they’ll play around with toys and ‘hunt’ them – they don’t mind you not being there.

Human Cat

Human personality cats are clingy and follow their owners around the whole day. They love interaction and love cuddles more than anything in the world. These cats are ideal for people who rarely leave their homes. Make sure to find time to play with them and buy a lot of toys to keep them occupied. If you don’t, they’ll cling to you instead.

Cantankerous Cat

Here are the Internet’s darlings. Also known as grumpy cats, they are independent, territorial, and always frowning. They like a clean litter box, a bowl full of food, and clean water non-stop. In short, they act like divas. Cantankerous cats love cuddles every once in a while, but they’re more likely to stay frowning in a corner than hang out with their moms and dads.

The Cats’ Cat

This is a cat that loves hanging out with other cats. They are gentle and sweet and get on well with other kitties if you happen to own a few. As a matter of fact, they thrive when another cat is in the household. These cats also need a lot of playtime and love climbing and scratching those cat posts.

Inquisitive Cat

This is a bit of a mix of a human and hunter cat. Inquisitive cats are clingy to their owners and can adapt in any environment. They are cheerful and outgoing, but love hunting outside too. Make sure to buy a lot of toys to keep them occupied and keep the hunter in them entertained.