Who Says Cats Can’t be Heroes? Here are Some Incredible Stories of Cats Turned Heroes

All cats may be a**holes, but they can also save their owners from certain death. There have been plenty of times where cats have turned to heroes, breaking the myth that they don’t care for their owners or anyone else.

Here are the top 5 stories featuring hero cats that show you they’re not as cold as you think.

Pudding Saves Owner Who Suffers a Seizure

Pudding is a beautiful rescue cat who was saved by Amy Jung from Wisconsin. It proved a life-saving choice when Pudding saved Amy by calling for help when she had a diabetic seizure. When he noticed something’s happening, he jumped on her chest to wake her up, then went into her son’s room and meowed as loud as he can. The son called a hospital who quickly came to their home and saved Amy from certain death.

Cat Saves Owner from a Deadly Snake Attack

Jimmie Nelson, an 81-year old Tennessee resident, was surprised to see his cat Shelly running around his home in the middle of the night. He assumed she was chasing a mouse and let her catch her prize. A few days later, one of his caretakers found a dead copperhead under a table. It seems that the cat was chasing it and not a mouse, as there were claw marks on the body. Great save, Shelly!

Kitty Alerts Family About a Fire

A family from Alberta has its cat to thank for their lives. The sleeping owner was woken up by the cat who bit into her arm when she noticed flames in their home. They immediately went out of the house with the cat and managed to escape a deadly fire.

Cat Calls 911

Cats aren’t known for calling on mobile phones, but one did to get help for his owner. When the police arrived to Gary Rosheisen’s apartment, they found the man out of his wheelchair. He couldn’t get up and needed help. There was no one else in the apartment besides the cat, who was sitting besides the phone. It had a 911 speed dial, and this smart kitty obviously hit it to help his owner.

Major Tom Saves His Owner

Grant McDonald is a sailor who fell asleep on his boat while on sea. He was surprised when his cat, Major Tom, woke him up in the middle of the night. The boat was filling with water and thanks to Major Tom’s actions, they both survived.