Why Does this Cat Come Wet Home Every Day? The Reason Has Melted Our Hearts!

The Internet is full of cat memes and animal videos that warm our hearts every day. We’d rather watch those funny or heart-warming animal videos instead of reading the news. The world is just so depressing, and animal videos and cat memes are the light it truly needs.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a video description for you – a cat comes back home wet every day, and the owner is simply baffled why that happens. This isn’t an isolated incident – it happened for weeks before the owner finally learned the reason.

Hold on to your hats – it’s a stunner!

Viral in Just a Few Hours

In order to learn the truth, the owner took his camera out and tried to record the cat just before it came home. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he went outside – the reason why the cat was wet every day after coming home is because a fawn was licking it!

That’s right – these two besties enjoyed a few hours together every day, and as a parting gift, the fawn cleaned the kitty. It’s an unusual bond but who are we to say?

The cat and deer are obviously great buds, and we’d love to see another cute video of their parting. It’s simply adorable.