Woman Covertly Records Her Cat When Left ‘Home Alone,’ and the Footage is Heartrending

The Joyful Life of Isola the Ragdoll Cat

In these times of change, as we all adjust to the new norms brought by the pandemic, Ida Myrin and her feline companion Isola, a three-year-old Ragdoll, have found solace in each other’s company. Since joining Ida’s family as a 12-week-old kitten, Isola has developed quite the personality. Ida shares that although Isola exhibits typical cat behavior like laziness and a demanding nature, his affectionate side shines through when he insists on cuddling—albeit with a dislike for faces.

The Quirks of Isola’s World

Isola’s eccentricities are a source of amusement for Ida. His younger days were filled with peculiar antics, such as abruptly stopping play to slap the ground or displaying an amusing lack of skill with balls—truly no feline athlete. Interestingly, Ida suspects Isola might be a bit claustrophobic, but one thing is certain: his love for feet knows no bounds.

Coping with Separation During Lockdown

Lockdown has intensified Isola’s attachment to his humans, making him disgruntled whenever they’re preoccupied. Recognizing his need for constant attention, Ida decided to film him alone. The footage was endearing at first, but Ida’s heartstrings tugged as she witnessed Isola’s distress. The video, shared on social media, sparked a wave of sympathy and advice, suggesting a second cat to keep him company.

To the internet’s surprise, Ida revealed that a second cat was already part of their family. The absence that day was due to the other cat’s vet visit. Upon Ida’s return, Isola’s reaction was comically indifferent to her but warmly receptive to his feline friend.

This little story of Isola’s life not only paints a picture of a beloved pet’s quirky habits but also touches on the deep bond we share with our animal companions, especially during times when companionship has become all the more precious.

The narrative of Ida and Isola’s daily life, filled with love, peculiar habits, and the challenges of lockdown, resonates with many pet owners worldwide. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the comfort and joy our pets provide, particularly during the most unprecedented times.