10 Cats Who Just Realized What Vets Did to Them!

If you own a cat (or a dog), you know how difficult it is getting to them to the vet. Sometimes, they might act nice until they’ve found out what’s happening.

Then, they make the cutest and most hilarious faces you can see on a pet, just like the ones in the pictures below. Check them out:

#1 They actually did that to me. How could they be so heartless? I want to run away right now.

#2 I am done with humans. I never want to see them again. Do they even know how it feels to be at my place? They should have at least taken my consent.

#3 What did that vet do? No, I know that you are lying to me. But, seriously how?

#4 I was right about these humans. They always think about themselves first. They don’t give a damn about our happiness.

#5 How in the world could you do that to me? I put my trust in you. Do you even know what that means?

#6 Like say it again. What did they do to me? I was purrfectly fine and I didn’t need any of it in the first place. These humans think that they are very smart.

#7 I am tired of listening to these heart-wrenching tales. These humans have no sympathy for us. They are always doing as they like.

#8 Don’t take me to the vet today, please! It’s my birthday. That could be a great gift for me.

#9 I loved you with all my heart and you did this to me. Why would you even think about that? What wrong did I do to you?

#10 Let me go. I don’t want to live anymore. I lost everything I had put my faith in. Now, I have no reason to continue.