Woman Finds Abandoned Kitten And Keeps Him For Months – Only To Learn He’s NOT a Kitten

A girl named Florencia Lobo and her little brother were walking throughout the streets of the country Argentina when they discovered a pair of tiny kitties. Of course, the two siblings just assumed that the kittens’ mom was a stray and had more than likely died either during or after labor or disappeared.

Florencia and her brother decided to take the cats back home to feed them and nurse them back to health. Sadly, however, only one of the kittens managed to pull through.

The sibling pair decided to name the sole survivor Tito.

In the end, Florencia decided to adopt Tito as he seemed to be just one very affectionate, adorable, and cuddly little fur-baby.

About two months later, Florencia brought Tito to be checked out by a vet for a routine checkup. The veterinarian, however, took one look at Tito and knew something was completely off.

At the time, he didn’t know quite what Tito was but he did know that he was no “normal” feline.

The vet gave Florencia the number of a local wildlife reserve located in Yerba Buena, Argentina …

Watch the video story just below!