Kids Find Kitten In Leg Casts Abandoned On Sidewalk

Not long ago, a group of kids playing near their homes in Phoenix, Arizona saw something that rocked their souls. After hearing faint meows for a while, they found a kitten ( Cupcake ) in the middle of the sidewalk that could move his legs. They immediately rushed to the kitty to discover that his back legs have been completely covered in makeshift casts.

Cupcake 1

The kids brought the kitten to their parents – it was obviously in need of help. One of the kids’ moms called Kathy Hamel from the Arizona Shigh Tzu and Small Breed Rescue and she came as soon as possible. Kathy was shocked to see the kitten paralyzed like that. It was dehydrated and malnourished, her life clinging to a thread. The kids said goodbye to the kitten and Kathy took it away.

Cupcake 2

She named it Cupcake and rushed it to the vet. Cupcake was treated for malnourishment and dehydration, and of course, the casts were cut off. One of the makeshift casts fell off easily. However, the other was tight and was probably quite painful. The vet determined that Cupcake was around 6 weeks old, and to everyone’s surprise, its legs were just fine.

Cupcake 3

Neither the vet nor Kathy had any idea why someone would do such a thing. Cupcake was surely happy that the casts were off. The kitten was as sweet as any other. She cuddled with everyone around and was doing fine.

After the vet finished, Kathy took Cupcake home. It was a bit scared and needed a lot of love, yet it started feeling better after a while. Cupcake has found her new forever home, and her new owners can’t wait to see her. Life was tough for this cutie for a bit, but things will get much better now.

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