Woman Finds Her Cat Missing for 2 Years While Randomly Browsing Facebook

Take a look at this beauty. Jimmy the cat was missing for 2 years until he popped up in a Facebook post that reunited him with his owner. Jimmy’s favorite hobby before he went missing was to enjoy outdoors. He would come home after a walk of an hour or two, until he didn’t one day.

Despite their best efforts, the Zelitsky family couldn’t find him. Two years have gone by and Jimmy was nowhere to be found. The family feared the worst and made peace with the fact they’ll never see him again. But, fate always has an ace in her sleeve.

Incredible Reunion

Over two and a half years later, Ms. Zelitsky was reunited with Jimmy in the strangest way. She was browsing Facebook when an image of a cat popped up on her feed. It was from the West Milford Animal Shelter, showing a recently brought stray cat that looked just like Jimmy.

His family immediately headed to the center and knew right away that it’s their cat. They had no idea how Jimmy got there, but were glad that they are reunited. Jimmy is now 15 and enjoying life in his favorite garden to the fullest. He’ll spend more years with his family, and we’re hoping that he doesn’t run away this time.