Woman Runs Over a Man with Her Car After Accusing Him of Hurting Her Cat

As pet owners, we’re ready to do anything for our furry friends. Of course, there should be limit to how far a man can go, but some people don’t think that way. Hannah Star Essen, a 20-year old from California, recently mowed down a man with her car in California after accusing him of trying to run over her cat.

The man, Victor Anthony Luis, was hit so hard that he flipped in the air several times before hitting the pavement. He was pronounced dead shortly after, while Essen was arrested. She’s facing a 25-year prison sentence with a bail set at $1 million.

Essen first confronted the man who denied doing such a thing. She then went back in her car and ran over him, killing him instantly. It’s crazy to think that such a thing could happen, but it’s further proof that people who own pets are ready to die or kill for them.