Woman Saves Cat That Would be Put Down for Being Too ‘Ugly’

Every animal deserves a chance at a good life, no matter their appearance or health status. Lori Farris knew that, and she saved one cat from certain death. Lori is a special needs teacher who was leaving a student’s house when she saw an unusual cat on the curb. Lori petted her and the cat began following her step by step. She knew she had to take it home, so she drove with her, cleaned the cat up, and fed her belly.

She named the cat Willow and took it to a vet the next day. Apart from the fact that she had fleas and an eye infection, the vet told Lori that Willow had extra chromosomes – thus the unusual appearance. While cats can’t have Down syndrome, this abnormality was close. He then explained that if the cat was taken to a shelter, she would have been put down for sure. She was shocked by it as she believed every cat deserved a chance.

From a sickly and small kitten, Willow great into a beautiful cat. With Lori’s help, of course. She says that she’s OK with people saying she’s weird, but she doesn’t like it when someone says she’s ugly. As for Willow, she’s living the best life. She has a buddy in Lori’s three-year old boxer Ella. They run around and chase each other all day long, and we hope that she has the happiest life, just as she deserves.