10 Myths About Cats That Are Utter Nonsense!

As cat people, we have all heard some of the many myths about cats which don’t exist. These odd myths are sometimes fantastical, sometimes practical. For example, do cats really have nine lives? Or is it true that we shouldn’t feed cow’s milk to an abandoned kitten?

In the video below, which was created by AnimalWised, they separate the truth from the fiction about domestic cats. Whether it it’s simply misunderstanding cats or anti-cat bias, this team exposes many popular furry fibs so that we can all have a better, stronger and more ‘awake’ relationships with out kitties!

We learned a lot watching this video. Perhaps you will learn something new today as well? If you happen to be a cat-hater and will be watching this clip – we hope you choke on every truth! This video clip is very informative! Enjoy!