18 Cats That Simply Don’t Care About Your Personal Space!

Cats truly have a reputation when it comes to protecting their own personal space and there’s not a single thing we could do about it. That being said, when the time comes for these same cats to respect OUR privacy, you would think that naturally, they might understand and show respect. But of course, they don’t.

Everything from stretching all the way out over your keyboard to sitting in your underpants while you’re in the toilet, the pictures you are about to see coldly prove that when your cats crave your attention, they have absolutely no issues invading your personal space to get what THEY want.

1.Hey, human, it’s my turn to go on Facebook!

2. Now do you see what we’re talking about?

3. Every time I try to brush my darn my teeth.

4. Hey, human, you didn’t need to use for arm for anything did you?

5. The on-site supervisor!

6. Belly rubs are ALWAYS more important than homework…

7. I want your attention, human, right MEOW!

8. Yes, I really do need BOTH of these to practice my stretching on !

9. Hmmm, are we sitting comfortably?

10. Why a cat would even want to sit there is completely beyond me!