A Perth Animal Shelter Gets in Trouble with Space and Resources After Getting 80 Cats in One Day

Animal shelters and organizations are doing their best to keep animals off the street and get the adopted. We can only congratulate on their operations. However, people are making it even harder for them. Throwing out kittens on the street raises the population of strays and stretches shelters to their max.

Recently, Perth’s New Haven animal shelter received a batch of 80 cats in one day. The shelter is at crisis point because of it and can’t receive new kittens or cats until this situation is resolved.

Pleading for Adoption

The New Haven sanctuary has pleaded with its social media fans to adopt some of the cats and help them reduce capacity. The shelter has a capacity of 250, but is currently caring for 380 cats! It desperately needs people to adopt cats or kittens, so if you’re looking for a new pet, you should definitely get in touch.

It’ll help solve the housing problem at the shelter and help with finances as well.