According to a New Study, Cats Recognize Their Owners by Voice, but They Choose Not to Care

Cats are certainly peculiar creatures. They are notoriously unfazed by humans, unless they choose to care. Many have wondered what makes cats so cold, and after years of rumors, science has confirmed why it’s like that.

A recent study showed that cats can recognize their owners and other humans. However, they’ve evolved not to care for humans, unless they choose to care. The study once again shows that cats are grateful to no one at all, no matter how much you love them.

A Number of Factors Measured

The study focused on a number of factors, including tail, head, and ear movement during responses to calls. It also measured the cat’s eye dilation and vocalization to determine how much they care about their humans.

When they heard their name, the cats displayed “orientating behavior”. While they showed a greater response to their owner’s voice rather than the voice of strangers, they still decline to move when called by the volunteers.

The study proved to scientists what many have suspected for a long time. Cats can hear us perfectly, even when it seems they’re deaf to our calls. They simply chose not to react to our calls, which, according to the study’s leaders, may be linked back to their early domestication.

Most recent studies have shown that cats have a lot in common with a species known as Felis silvestris, a wild cat that first came in contact with humans around 9,000 years ago. As humans developed agrictulture, these wild cats moved in to hunt rodents, which effectively means they domesticated themselves.

Unlike dog, though, they never evolved to be domesticated by humans. This is a fact many have pondered for a long time. However, it seems that this won’t faze cat lovers at all. As a matter of fact, many love them because of the fact that they’re not so affectionate as dogs.