Two Preemie Kittens Siblings Fought Together To Survive

Atom and Cordette are two tiny kittens that had to fight their whole life to survive. The kittens were abandoned by their mom along with 3 other siblings who didn’t share their luck. As it turns out, only Atom and Cordette managed to survive from the litter, but things weren’t that easy.

Both kittens were riddled with bugs and literally fought to stay alive. Melinda Blain, a cat rescuer, took them and made sure they lived. In the beginning, things weren’t that rosy. They were skinny with their ribs literally protruding from the skin. One of the kittens, Tuxie Boy, suffered from tiny cracks in its lung, and Melinga wasn’t sure the poor thing would survive.

With odds against them, no one was sure they would make it. Melinda put the kittens in an incubator to help them survive. A few days later, Cordette’s umbilical cord got infected. Things didn’t look good, but Melinda put the kitten on antibiotics. A few days later, Cordette was looking much better.

Both kittens made amazing progress in just a few days, and it was all due to Melinda’s help. Their weight went up and they grew stronger. The feeding tubes were off in a week, and the kittens opened their eyes after a couple of weeks.

As they grew older, Atom and Cordette spent all their free time together. This was a strong bond unlike many other kitten siblings. A few months later, the kittens were ready for adoption. Melinda put the pair up for adoption and we hope it won’t be long until they find a new forever home.

Just look at the kittens – aren’t they the perfect pair? Visit Cordette and Atom’s Instagram page to see them in action.