Cat Pretended To Be A Homeless Stray To Get Free Food And Cuddles From Shoppers!

Minnie, who was a 4 year-old tabby cat, had been tricking the people in her area for more than a year. Minnie regularly hung out in front of her local supermarket located in Netherfield, UK.
Meanwhile, she actually had a good home with a loving human who gave her plenty of food and treats.

Millie’s home was just about a one minute walk from the supermarket and when Minnie first started hanging out there her human tried to stop her. Each and every time, though, Minnie managed to get out of the house. Andrea, who is Minnie’s human, tried just about everything to try and keep Minnie indoors but to no avail! Minnie always found a way to jump out an open window and head back to the store!

As more time went on, Andrea completely gave up trying to stop her because it was clear that Minnie was going to get what she wanted no matter what. Minnie wasn’t only visiting the supermarket for treats! The truth was she simply loved all of the attention she was getting.

The store supervisor stated that loads of people would go to the store just to see Minnie and the staff loved her too. They even made a bed just for her and put up a sign to stop people from over feeding her.

The day finally came when the family who owned Minnie moved, so sadly, Minnie’s store runs ended. Way to go, Minnie! Show ’em how it’s done!