Cat Realizes Owner Doesn’t Like Her Live Presents, Starts Bringing Big Leaves Every Day

Cats know that you do a lot for them. So in order to pay you back, they will keep on making little efforts. These little efforts may include some weird gifts that may not be of your liking particularly. For instance, they may bring in live or half dead rodents, birds or any other little creature that they can successfully hunt down.

All cat owners are not appreciative of the little gifts that their cats get for them. And our cats may not like it when their gifts are continuously refused by people they love.

However, Baloo, the kitty, went head and analysed the situation closely. She was really upset why this was happening to her. But then she thought that maybe Ben, his hooman, had different preferences.

After a couple of rejections, Baloo finally understood what was going on. so she started bringing in different gifts.

Ben was really happy to see big leaves instead of live mice. He acknowledged the little gifts from that moment and made an effort to show the kitty that he liked her gifts.

The smart kitty has found a way to impress her hooman. She got a sense that things were on the right track now.