Cat Refused To Eat After Owner Dumped Him For – A New Couch!

This is Tiger Tim, a sweet and loving cat who was living at the New York City Animal Care and Control (ACC). He was sadly surrendered to the shelter by his human dad because of new furniture. His human wanted of all things – a couch – and the cat “had to go”.

According to the staff over at ACC, the man turned Tiger Tim into the center when Tim was just a 3-month-old kitten. The crazy reason is the owner bought a brand new couch and Tim could no longer reside there.

The kitty never became aggressive and just curled into a little ball of misery. The gentle tabby was completely confused and heartbroken over the loss of his home and family. The workers in ACC attempted to feed him to keep him going and keep him alive.

Thankfully, Magnificat Cat Rescue ended up caring for Tiger Tim with lots of love and devotion. In the end, they did manage to find Tim a loving foster home to get him back in shape – both physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately, Tiger Tim crossed the Rainbow Bridge because of cancer. He died in his foster mother’s arms, He passed peacefully and quickly. Rest in peace, little one!