Cat Selfie Device That Will Make Your Photos With Your Cat Simply Purrfect

Selfies – no matter how much you hate those selfie posts on Instagram, we all love taking them. They’re even better when we take them with our pets. A selfie with a dog can look pretty darn cute, but if you’re a cat fan like us, you know that taking a selfie with your cat is simply looking for trouble.

But no more! If you want to take a perfect selfie with your kitty without it wiggling out of your hands, a new specially designed selfie stick can help. A guy living with his pet cat in Hong Kong recently invented a unique cat selfie device which will get the attention of your pet and make him look directly in the camera. It should enable you to capture perfect moments with your cat instead of it jumping on your head or wiggling back out.

The cute little attachment features a bell attached in the middle of the cat-shaped hole which can instantly attract the attention of your cat. Smart, right? The tiny little gadget should become globally available soon enough. Get it and you can make those purrrfect selfies you’ve always wanted.

Most feline owners know the struggle of taking decent selfies with their pets

Cat Selfie Device 1

That most of the time ends with a completely random-looking shot anyway

Cat Selfie Device 2

But this guy living in Hong Kong has the perfect solution for all of you cat owners out there

Cat Selfie Device 3

It’s called ‘Cat Selfie Device’ and was made especially for taking selfies with your cat

Cat Selfie Device 4

It enables you to avoid your adorable pet wandering away

Cat Selfie Device 5

By getting its attention with this cute little attachment for your phone

The gadget has a tiny bell that gets the attention of your kitten