Deaf Cat Has No Idea How Loud She Is When She Sees Her Owner!

The kitty featured is Clarabelle, a beautiful cat who was thankfully rescued from a dumpster. Today, she lives a comfortable life in a very loving home with her kind owner whose name is Cristina Kintner. Clarabelle is an absolutely adorable cat with a pure white coat and also two different-colored eyes (blue and yellow). Quite sadly, though, she is completely deaf.

Clarabelle, as you will soon hear, has an extremely loud meow because she is deaf. This means that she can’t measure her own loudness. The truth is, Clarabelle is often louder when she sees her owner after a few hours. This is her own special little way of express her love, excitement, and devotion for her human.

Clarabelle 1

Cristina decided to put together the hilarious moments of Clarabelle’s excitement when she arrives back home in this amazing video. Be sure to watch the hilarious video clip just below!