Law Firm Decides To Hire Stray Cat After Visitors Complained About Him!

One day, a stray kitten just happened to ‘show up’ at the Order of Attorneys of Brazil (OAB). There was a terrible storm happening and the poor, hungry wee one was searching for some shelter. Since he was treated so well there that night, its only natural that this little kitty assumed he’d found a forever home in the process. And so, when the storm finally passed, the contented kitty decided it best to just stay there.

As time went on, Leon passed the time by hanging out in the lobby and greeting everyone came through. But then, the OAB began receiving various complaints. Apparently, there were some people who felt it was very inappropriate to have a stray cat just ‘hanging out’ in a professional building.

As a result, the OAB manager to come up with a terrific solution to the complaint problem. They decided to officially hire Leon as the building’s official greeter!

His new bosses gave him a badge and a salary of all the food, shelter, treats and love he could possible need.

When Dr. Jeanette Laredo decided to share the good news on social media, the whole story went viral. She also posted an update which stated that Dr. Leon was recently given a promotion and is now ‘a lawyer.’ He is now known as Dr. Leon Advogato or Dr. Leon Lawyer. This lucky little fur-ball even has his own Instagram page now with in upwards of 90,000 followers.

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