Meet Nigel: The Adorable Kitten with No Nose Who Found a Loving Home After Reconstructive Surgery

Nigel, a charming ginger kitten, captured hearts worldwide with his unique appearance and inspiring story of resilience. Born without a section of his nose and upper lip, this little fighter underwent successful reconstructive surgery and found a loving forever home. Discover the heartwarming journey of NoNoseNigel, the adorable kitten who overcame the odds.


The Rescue of Nigel:

Found near a dumpster in Boston in July 2017, Nigel was a tiny kitten who had suffered some form of trauma, causing the loss of part of his nose and upper lip. Despite his rough start, Nigel’s story quickly gained attention online, earning him an Instagram profile and the nickname NoNoseNigel.

Cat at vet

Foster Care and Surgery:

Before his surgery, Nigel stayed in various foster homes and at the MSPCA. Once he was big enough, he underwent reconstructive surgery at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center on November 2, 2017. The operation was a success, and the MSPCA-Angell announced on Facebook, “We’re happy to report that Nigel is out of surgery and his nose and face are gonna look a whole lot better.”

Nigel with noose

Recovery and Adoption:

Nigel’s recovery went exceptionally well, regaining his strength and attracting numerous potential adopters. The shelter staff faced a difficult decision in choosing the perfect family for Nigel. However, on Thanksgiving Day, he finally met his new mom, a certified vet tech, and joined a home with two other young cats.

Cat after surgery

A Happy Life:

Nigel quickly adapted to his new home, becoming an endless source of cuteness and joy. His new mom promised to keep his Instagram page updated, allowing his many followers to see how well he’s doing in his new, loving environment.

Nigel with toy


Nigel’s heartwarming story demonstrates the incredible resilience and spirit of animals overcoming challenges. His journey from being a noseless kitten found near a dumpster to a beloved pet in a loving home is a testament to the power of hope and the importance of providing animals with the care and support they need.