Munchin Cats Are The Most Adorable Kitties in The World And Here Are 10 Pictures to Prove That!

As you probably already know, there are nearly 50 domestic cat species, each one with its unique looks. However, the cutest cat title goes to the Munchkin. These fur balls are just adorable to look at and their tiny faces just makes us want to squish them hard! They may be shorter than other cats, but they’re also the most adorable cat breed.

Check out the video below to and 10 pics that prove Munchkins are the cutest kittens:

1. This snowy kitty is killing everyone with its charm. She knows that she is loved and cared for.

2. This kitty with super cute legs has been stealing everyone’s attention since the day he was born. Though the kitty has really small legs, he is so quick that you won’t even notice him pass through.

3. Don’t be deceived by the looks of this innocent one. He knows how to manipulate and get things done.

4. The nose of this kitty stands out from everything else, making him even more adorable.

5. This one looks like a little teddy bear. His hooman likes to hug and cuddle with him. He is getting everything that he has ever dreamed of.

6. This one trusts his hooman enough to look up to him. Maybe they have been successful in delivering the food on time.

7. This Munchkin cat is always up for getting clicked. He knows that he is best at purrfection.

8. This little one is not so keen to grow up. He is busy enjoying the love and the care that he is getting.

9. This one gets a little angry when things are not done according to his wishes, but otherwise he is a really sweet cat.

10. Maybe this one is a little scared of his new buddy.