Paws and Pints: Exploring Britain’s Original Cat Pub

A Cozy Evening at Bristol’s Unique Cat Pub

Unwinding with Feline Friends

Imagine a perfect Friday night, where the sound of rain gently taps against the windows, and you’re comfortably seated in a quaint pub in Bristol, UK. This isn’t just any pub; it’s the Bag of Nails, renowned for its exceptional atmosphere, tantalizing bar snacks, and a wide selection of beverages. What sets this pub apart is its warm, furry residents who add a delightful twist to your usual pub experience.

The Bag of Nails: More Than Just a Pub

Opened in 2011 by Luke Daniels, the Bag of Nails quickly distinguished itself from typical pubs.

Here, you can indulge in a variety of IPAs, engage in friendly board game challenges, and most notably, enjoy the company of adorable cats. These feline companions aren’t just visitors; they’re permanent residents, lounging on counters and chairs, adding a unique charm to the establishment.

The pub’s journey with cats began when a kitten, later named Malcolm, unexpectedly found a home here. He was soon joined by Beresford and many others, transforming the Bag of Nails into a beloved cat haven in Bristol. As Luke aptly puts it, “Cats and beer. It’s what we do.” This simple yet appealing concept has attracted visitors from all over, each eager to experience this unique blend of pub culture and cat companionship.

The Cats of Bag of Nails: Each with a Story

The cats at the Bag of Nails are as diverse as their human patrons, each with their own personality. Some are outgoing, eagerly climbing onto guests’ laps, while others are more reserved, observing from a distance. Regulars have come to know them by name, like Solarise who loves a good lap, Wolfgang with his penchant for chicken, or Sally who can’t resist a belly rub.

Despite their independent nature, these cats have made the Bag of Nails their home, venturing outside occasionally but always returning to their favorite spot. Luke notes, “We can’t promise they’ll greet you immediately, but they’re sure to show some affection if you’re patient.”

For over a decade, this charming pub has been a sanctuary for cats and a haven for people seeking a unique, relaxing experience. Its success lies not just in the quality of drinks and snacks, but in the heartwarming presence of its feline companions. The Bag of Nails stands as a testament to the joy and comfort animals can bring into our lives, making it a must-visit destination for anyone in Bristol.

Let’s hope this one-of-a-kind establishment continues to thrive, inspiring more businesses to embrace such delightful and furry employees.