Sixteen-Year Old Loses Neighbor’s Cat He was Pet Sitting, His Mom is Livid Over Unpaid Wages

All work must be paid, right? That’s true, but only if the employer gets what the employee promised in return. Employees should invest time and skills to do their job well, and the employer has the right to count on a qualified performance. If not, they’re throwing money in the wind. One sixteen-year old kid recently learned that the hard way, after losing a cat he was supposed to pet-sit for the neighbor.

The story was originally posted on Reddit by the owner. He had to leave town for a few days of work, and he asked a neighbor’s son to feed his cat and let the dog out twice a day. Feed it as well too. The work was not difficult, and the boy already knew the pets. There was just one rule – not to let the cat get out of the apartment.

After getting back home, the owners saw that the cat was missing. What happened? The boy somehow managed to lose the house key on the second day. They told him the code to the garage, but the bigger problem was that the cat can easily leave outside now. That was what obviously happened at around the same time, as when the owner was back home, she was still missing.

After checking the security cameras, the pet owner determined she was probably gone for over a day and a half. The boy lied that he saw the cat in the morning, and then he said that he’ll find her. There was a nearby spot where coyotes started popping up, so the owners were rightfully afraid the cat would be eaten. It came back after a few days, but the owners decided to refuse pay to the boy. His mom was livid, but the Reddit post received a lot of positive comment.

After all, the boy failed in his task, although many have said he deserved at least half of the money expected since he obviously fed and walked the dog. What’s your opinion? Did he deserve full pay or no pay at all?

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