Stray Cat Seeks Help at Health Clinic for Safe Delivery of Her Kittens

A Pregnant Stray Cat in Need

A pregnant stray cat, struggling to give birth, found herself wandering the streets of Turkey, desperately searching for a safe haven to deliver her kittens.

Seeking Help at the Family Health Clinic

Demonstrating her intelligence, the cat sought help by crying outside a family health clinic. The clinic staff, moved by her plight, recorded her actions and promptly contacted a veterinarian for assistance.

Successful Cesarean Section and Newborn Kittens

The veterinarian assessed the cat’s condition and decided to perform a cesarean section due to her pain and delayed delivery. “As the time for her to give birth had passed, we urgently performed the operation,” said the veterinarian. The surgery was a success, resulting in four healthy kittens.

Recovery and Future Plans for the Cat Family

The veterinarian reassured that the cat would remain under their care until she regains her health. Additionally, they plan to find loving homes for the kittens. “She will stay under our protection, and we will find homes for the kittens,” the veterinarian added.