Take A Look At These 10 Hilarious Cats Getting Caught In The Act!

No matter how innocent cat may seem, you can bet they’re plotting to do something wrong all the time. Some are smart enough to do it, but others end up getting caught red-pawed.

Below you can see 10 situations of mischievous cats getting caught in the act and we just can’t stop laughing about them.


1. The hooman of this kitty has to be extra aware. This man has been finding thumb tacks in his shoes way too frequently. We are sure that this kitty is up to no good.

2. The kitty was really hungry. He has all the justification for doing what he did. It happens with everyone once in a while.


3. This breakfast is definitely in danger. We suggest that it must be consumed as soon as possible. But isn’t the effort of this pet really adorable.

4. This is called a few minutes of happiness. We are not sure what the little child will feel once he finds out what is happening behind his back.


5. They swear that they are up to no good. You wouldn’t find any food in the kitchen till the morning.

6. This kitty is really enjoying his hooman’s birthday. But we can’t say the same about his hooman.


7. We are wondering what this one will do with all the money.