The Top 3 Cat Stories That Are Equally Amazing and Unbelievable

We all love cats and would love to read incredible stories with them in the lead role. The good news is that the Internet is an archive for such stories, and below you can see the top 3 everyone found amazing.

The Artful Dodger

Most of us ride buses or trains to work, and that’s the case with this cat too. Well, Artful doesn’t exactly go to work, but he rides the bus every day in Bridgeport, UK. He really enjoys the ride and all the drivers know where to pick him up or drop him off. Artful is also getting treats and pets from all the people that meet him while riding the bus to work every morning.

Christian the Lion

Christian was a lion pup found in the wild in 1969 and raised by two men. They raised him to be a loving cat, but he eventually grew too big. The two friends released him into the wild and didn’t return for two years. When they went looking for him after and finally found him, Christian hugged them both. He was a fully grown and wild lion now, but he obviously didn’t forget everything they did for him.


That IKEA cat experiment everyone talks about is actually true. Not long ago, they set loose 100 cats in a store to see which items they preferred. The cats ‘spoke’ their mind which resulted in a comfy cat chair that IKEA has developed for our furry friends.