They Put a Newborn Puppy With a Bunch of Kittens. Look What Happens When Mama Cat Spots The Intruder

Thanks to some very special people and this mama cat, the life of this little puppy was saved.

This is the awesome story of a newborn Chihuahua puppy named Bobby. His real mom was tragically run over and killed by a car and she left her newborn baby behind. Bobby was put with someone to nurse and take care of him and the accessible mother just so happened to be a cat named Gwen. When Gwen first discovered the little stranger, she took him right in like he was her own!

Bobby fit in very well from the very first day with no problems at all. As you will see in the video at the end or the article, he is happily playing around with his kitten brothers and they all seem very happy.

Be sure to stick around for a moment and watch their paw-some story in the video just below!