West Bromwich Mom Forced to Give Up 8 Cats After Facing a Huge Fine from a Housing Provider

A mom of four who lived with eight cats recently got into a huge row with her housing providers over the pets. She eventually had to pay a £1,500 fine and give up her eight cats to her and her family’s dismay. Lindsay Simcox had to deal with the fallout of the row, looking for new homes for her loving cats in a flash. She eventually gave four to friends, two to her parents, and stopped feeding two strays near her home that she also loved.

West Bromwich Mom

Midland Heart is the Housing Provider in Question

The row Lindsay had was with Midland Heart, a West Brom-based housing provider. They told her that she breached the cap on pets set at 8 with her 11 cats. She initially didn’t agree with the decision as she considered the cats her ‘best friends’. However, it was that or moving out, and she made a tough decision to give up on 8 of her cats.

The provider was happy to let her keep three – Garfield, Dotty, and Lucky. Lindsay still hopes to get her other cats back, although that’s not something the provider will have a change of heart for.

Midland Heart provides affordable housing, and Lindsay has been living in that home for seven years. She also has four dogs and now admits that it’s a breach on the contract. She made a tough decision, but luckily, she had friends and family to rehome her loving cats. She can’t afford to lose the house because of her kids, so no matter how tough the decision was, it was the right one.