Woman Flies 500 Miles Just To Save Cat She Saw On Facebook!

Frog the cat’s story is just about as devastating and as sad as a story could possibly be. The poor thing was found just wandering around an urban area in southern Greece, dragging his hind leg behind him with a broken spine. He was also severely malnourished. It’s anybody’s guess just how long much longer it would have take him to simply give up on life.

After viewing a video of him on Facebook, thankfully, he was rescued by a SCARS volunteer and was brought to Athens. It was there that he got a blood test and a few x-rays and of course – was fed well!

It was the cat’s guess that he had probably been hit by a car and his injuries were extensive. However, will the help of these caring people he suddenly had a brand new chance at life.

Be sure to have tissues at the ready when you watch this video and find out his moving story. Enjoy!