You’ll Want to Hug All the Cats on This List!

1. Isn’t he adorable?! This tiny kitten just opened up his eyes and we want nothing more than to cuddle it all day long!

2. This big guy wants to cuddle all the time. Yikes!

3. Latest feline fashion trends.

4. He looks just like an old Chinese guy that holds ancient wisdom.

5. And the award for hottest accessory of the year goes to:

6. Ohhhh, look at this adventurous cutie pie!

7. Part kitten-part hamster.

8. A cat with an artistic soul.

9. Three-kitten yawn train.

10. Playing peekaboo with a cat is fun!

11. Cat.exe has stopped responding.

12. Working out much?

13. Aren’t these the world’s most perfect toe beans?!