Cats Falls In Love After Seeing Each Other Through Window

Simon the cat is an adorable feline who’s constantly “fed” love and affection from his mom. Mackenzie Coffman, Simon’s owner, noticed her cat acting strange on day. He was looking out the window for a long time without moving, and Mackenzie was curious to see what’s so interesting. When she moved the blinds, she could see the neighbor’s cat from across staring back at Simon.

Simon continued staring at the other cat all day long. The neighbor cat was simply not interested in him, but nevertheless, Simon was enchanted. That’s when Mackenzie realized she must step in. She wrote a note asking about the cat’s name and wrote down Simon’s. She taped it to the window and waited for a response.

A few hours later, the neighbor cat “responded”. “Hi, Simon, I’m Theo,” the note said. “You’re my best friend”. Mackenzie decided to post Simon and Theo’s friendship on Twitter, and the tweets went viral. Everyone loved the burgeoning friendship between the cats, and the cats “decided” to share news about the viral post with their moms.

Mazkenzie added Theo’s mom to Twitter and the two arranged a meeting for their pets. Everyone on Twitter was pretty excited to see how things will go between Theo and Simon. The first meeting, as it turned out, was not that successful. Theo came to Simon but was pretty nervous away from home. Simon, on the other hand, followed Theo around.

For the second date, Mackenzie brought Simon on Theo’s grounds and things were much better. The cats were much more relaxed and really hit it off. After a while, Simon and Theo became best friends, and we have to congratulate their moms for it.