Get your paws off me! Brave cat takes on a pack of six dog and WINS

You are about to see the incredible moment a brave cat takes on a pack of six dogs and wins. This fearless feline truly defended her corner as the first two dogs walked up and started sniffing at her on some steps in Turkey.

Watch as she instantly darts toward them and lunges forward to pounce.

The terrified pair of dogs scurry off past a row of parked cars to get away from their attacker.

A fourth and fifth dog then appear from behind a parked car on the street but are quick to follow suit when they encounter the snarling fur-ball and dart off after the first three dogs.

Once the first five dogs have all sprinted away from the scene, a sixth dog walks over to the steps where the cat was sitting.
However, he doesn’t last for long as she dashes towards him while he tries to slope past unnoticed.

The victorious cat then quickly disappears into the night after successfully fighting off the frenzied pack of dogs.