Did Actor Keanu Reeves Save Dozens of Cats From Being Euthanized?

Keanu Reeves may well be one of the most beloved celebrities on the internet, you can’t always believe what you read – and oftentimes, you can’t even believe what you think you see! In addition to being a renown Hollywood actor, Keanu Reeves actually has a reputation for simply being a good person.

The internet is chock full of stories celebrating Reeves’ acts of kindness, from giving up his seat on the subway to some other charitable acts, such as starting a cancer foundation to fund children’s hospitals. These stories tend to get a fair amount of internet traffic, which is likely why some social media users have started creating other stories based on Reeve’s reputation for generosity.

Back on 15 April 2019, for instance, the Facebook page “Love Gatos” claimed that Reeves had saved a number of cats from euthanasia, and the post included an image that supposedly showed the actor himself with dozens of feline friends:

“American Actor Keanu Reeves saved from euthanasia many cats. During his travels everywhere in the world, every time he found a cat in danger of life he would take him to the United States. All cats have been sterilized and vaccinated and today live in a house refuge for them.”

The truth is, this is not a genuine photograph of Reeves with dozens of cats saved from euthanasia. This image has actually been on the internet for a good number of years. It is one of the many “Sad Keanu” memes created back around 2010 when an image of an unusually dejected-looking Reeves eating a sandwich on a bench went viral.

The image of Keanu sitting on a bench, which was taken by Splash News photographer Ron Asadorian, was photoshopped into countless other images, including one that showed an unidentified man sitting against a wall and feeding a group of cats.

Take a look at the original image on (left) and the doctored “Sad Keanu” meme on (right):