Here Are 17 Hardworking Cats Who Are The Best At Their Jobs

1. Take a look at this grumpy retail worker.

2. This guard accepts treats as your ID.

3. This cat’s part-time job is being a lamp.

4. The tagline says it all.

5. Job position: full-time pest controller.

6. No, the cat didn’t write this.

7. This drive-thru worker makes things much better.

8. The doctor that will save your life!

8. The doctor that will save your life!

10. The ball was in!

11. Your average 9-to-5 worker.

12. Hard at work lab technician.

13. The IT guy who’s fed up telling you to change your password every month.

14. Sir, are you stealing?

15. This cat’s job position is phone holder. We’re not kidding!

16. Finally – a cat receptionist!

17. Super supervisor Faith is putting extra hours in.