Pakistan Govt Accidentally Turns ‘cat’ Filter on During FB Live

No, it’s not an episode of America’s funniest videos. A few days ago, the Internet was left in splits after a live stream of a press briefing by Pakistani government officials went awry after someone forgot to turn off the cat filter on the camera. The result? Information Minister Shoukat Yousafzai appeared with a cat filter on his face making for a hilarious press conference. Of course, the government regrets this accident and has taken precautionary measures to avoid such incidents in the future.

After the stream went live, a user pointed out the gaffe and asked the moderators to turn the cat filter off. Of course, the filter was switched off instantly, but the damage has already been done. Well, not actual damage – more of an emotional kind. Of course, Twitter users already took screens of the “accident” and posted it online. We don’t need to say that it went viral immediately.

No matter who forgot the cat filter on, it was a wildly hilarious situation that made everyone laugh. The man will surely be reprimanded, but we kindly salute the guy. Job well done, mister!